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Supported models

Brand Model Version
Brera/Spider (Type 939) 2005 - 2010
Giulia (Type 952) 2016-now (Diesel)
Giulietta (Typ 940) 2010-now
Stelvio (949) 2017-now
XX (XX) 2005-2010
A1/S1 (8X) 2010-now
A3/S3/RS3/Cabrio (8P) 2003-now
A3/S3/RS3/Cabrio (8V) 2012-now
A4/S4/RS4/Cabrio (B6/8E/8H) 2000-2005
A4/S4/RS4/Cabrio (B7/8E(8H) 2005-2009
A4/S4/RS4/Cabrio (B8/8K) 2007-2015
A4/S4/RS4/Cabrio (B9/8W) 2015-now
A5/S5/RS5/Cabrio (B8/8T/8F) 2007-2016
A5/S5/RS5/Cabrio (F5) 2016-now
A6/S6/RS6 (C6/4F) 2004-2011
A6/S6/RS6 (C7/4G) 2011-now
A7/S7/RS7 (C7/4G) 2011-now
A8/S8 (D3/4E) 2002-2009
A8/S8 (D4/4H) 2009-now
Q2 (GA) 2016-now
Q3 (8U) 2011-now
Q5 (8R) 2008-2017
Q5 (FY) 2017-now
Q7 (4L) 2005-2015
Q7 (4M) 2015-now
SQ5 (8R)2012-2017
SQ7 (4M) 2017-now
TT (8J) 2007-2014
TT (8N) 1998-2007
TT (8S) 2014-now
1-Series (E81/E82/E87/E88) 2004-2013
1-Series (F20) 2011-now
2-Series (F22/F23) 2013-now
2-Series (F45/F46) 2014-now
3-Series/M3 (E90/E91/E92/E93) 2005-2013
3-Series/M3 (F30)/3 GT (F34) 2012-now
4-Series/M4 (F32/F33/F83/F36) 2013-now
5-Series/M5 (E39) 1995-2004
5-Series/M5 (E60/E61) 2003-2011
5-Series/M5 (F10/F11)/5 GT (F07) 2009-now
5-Series/M5 (G30/G31/G38) 2017-now
6-Series/M6 (E63/E64) 2003-2011
6-Series/M6 (F12/F13/F06) 2011-now
7-Series (E65/E66) 2001-2008
7-Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015
7-Series (G10/G11) 2015-now
7-Series (G10/G11) 2015-now (Diesel)
7-Series (G10/G11) 2015-now (Petrol)
7-Series (G10/G11) 2015-now Hybrid
I8 (-) 2013-now
X1 (E84) 2009-2015
X1 (F48) 2015-now
X2 (F39) 2018-now
X3 (E83) 2003-2010
X3 (F25) 2010-2017
X4 (F26) 2014-now
X5 (E53) 1999-2006
X5 (E70) 2006-2013
X5 (F15) 2013-now
X6 (E71/E72) 2008-2014
X6 (F16) 2014-now
Z3 (E36) 1995-2002
Z4 (E85/E86) 2002-2008
Camaro (5th gen) 2009-2016
Camaro (6th gen) 2017-now
Captiva (-) 2011-2013
Cruze (1st gen) 2009-2016
Malibu (gen.6) 2015-now
300c (1st gen) 2004-2010
Crossfire (-) 2003-2007
C4 (Cactus) 2014-now
C4 (Picasso) 2013-now
C4 (Typ L) 2004-2010
C5 (-) 2008-2017
DS3 (-) 2010-now
DS4 (-) 2011-now
DS7 Crossback 2018-now
Spacetourer (3rd gen) 2016-now
Duster (2nd gen) 2018-now
Avenger (-) 2007-2014
Challenger (3rd gen) 2008-2014
Challenger (3rd gen) 2008-2014 (petrol)
Charger (LX) 2005-2010
Dakota (3th gen) 2004-2011
Nitro (-) 2006-2011
Ram (4th gen) 2009-now
500X (334) 2015-now
Ducato (3rd gen) 2014-now
Freemont (-) 2011-now
Panda (3rd gen) 2011-now
Edge (2nd gen) 2015-now
Explorer (5th gen) 2010-now
Fiesta (09) 2013-2017
Focus (ST) 2014-now
F-Series (12th gen) 2009-2014
F-Series (13th gen) 2015-now
Galaxy (3nd gen) 2015-now
Kuga (1st gen) 2008-2012
Kuga (2nd gen) 2012-now
Mondeo (4th gen) 2007-2014
Mondeo (5th gen) 2014-now
Mustang (5th gen) 2009-2014
Mustang (6th gen) 2015-now
Ranger (3th gen) 2012-2016
Ranger (4th gen) 2016-now (with ACC)
Ranger (4th gen) 2016-now (without ACC)
S-Max (-) 2006-2014
Taurus (5th gen) 2013-2015 (Facelift)
Transit (6th gen) 2006-2013
Transit (7th gen) 2014-now
Transit Connect (2nd) gen) 2013-now
CR-V (3rd gen) 2006-2012
CR-V (5th gen) 2016-now
CR-Z (-) 2010-2013
Azera (5th Gen.) 2011-now
Elantra/Avante (6th Gen.) 2015-now
Genesis G80 2016-now
Grandeur (5th Gen.) 2011-now
i30 (GD 2nd Gen.) 2011-2016
ix55 (-) 2006-2011
Santa Fe (1st gen) 2000-2006
Santa Fe (3rd gen) 2012-now
Sonata (LF) 2014-now
Sonata (NF) 2004-2010
Tucson (2nd gen IX35) 2009-2013
Tucson (3rd gen) 2015-now
Veloster (-) 2011-now
Veracruz (2nd Gen.) 2012-now
D-Max (1st gen) 2002-2012
E-Pace (-) 2017-now
F-Pace (-) 2016-4.2017
F-Pace (-) 5.2017-now
F-Type (-) 2013-now
XE (-) 2015-now
XF (X250) 2008-2015
XF (X260) 2015-4.2017
XF (X260) 5.2017-now
XJ (X351) 2009-now
X-Type (-) 2001-2010
Cherokee KL 2013-now
Compass (2th gen) 2016-now
Grand Cherokee (WH) 2005-2010
Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2011-2013 (Pre-Facelift)
Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2013-2016 (Facelift)
KK (-) 2008-2012
Renegade (BU) 2014-now
Wrangler (JK) 2007-now
Carnival/Sedona (3rd gen) 2014-now
Ceed (2nd gen) 2013-now
K7 Cadenza (YG) 2009-2016 Hybrid
Mohave (-) 20089-now
Picanto (3rd gen) 2017-now
Pride (3rd gen) 2011-now
Sorento (3rd gen/UM) 2015-now
Sportage (3rd gen/SL) 2010-2015
Sportage (4th gen/QL) 2015-now
Stinger (-) 2017-now
Thema (-) 2011-2014
Defender (-) 2007-2012
Defender (-) 2013-now
Discovery (4th gen) 2009-now
Freelancer (Typ LF) 2006-2010
Range Rover Evoque 2011-2013
Range Rover Evoque/Evoque Cabrio 2013-now
Range Rover Sport 2002-2008
Range Rover Sport 2009-2012
Range Rover Sport 2012-2016
Range Rover Sport 2017-now
Range Rover Velar 2017-now
Range Rover Vogue (LG) 2012-2016
Range Rover Vogue (LG) 2017-now
IS 300h (3th gen) 2013-now
RX 400h (4th gen)
RX 450h (4th gen) 2015-now
Ghibli (III) 2013-now
Levante (-) 2016-now
Quattroporte (gen.6) 2016-now
3 (3th gen) 2013-now (diesel)
3 (3th gen) 2013-now (Petrol)
6 (GH) 2008-2012
CX-5 (-) 2012-now (Facelift)
CX-5 (-) 2012-now (Pre-Facelift)
CX-7 (-) 2007-2012
MX-5/Miata/Roadster (4th gen ND) 2015-now
A-Class (W169) 2004-2012
A-Class (W176) 2012-now
B-Calss (W242/246) 2011-now
C-Class (W203) 2000-2008
C-Class (W204) 2007-2014
C-Class (W205) 2014-now
Citan (W415) 2012-now
CLA-Class (C117) 2013-now
CL-Class (C 216) 2006-2013
CLK-Class (W208) 1997-2003
CLK-Class (W209) 2002-2010
CLS-Class (W218) 2010-now
CLS-Class (W219) 2004-2010
E-Class (A207) 2009-now
E-Class (C207) 2009-now
E-Class (W211) 2002-2010
E-Class (W212) 2009-2016
E-Class (W212) 2009-2016 Hybrid
E-Class (W213-S213-C238) 2016-now
G-Class (W463) 2007-2011
G-Class (W463) 2012-now
G-Class (W463) 2016-2017 Professional
GLA-Class (X156) 2013-now
GLC-Class (X253-2015-now) 2015-now
GLC-Class (X253-C253) Hybrid 2016-now
GL-Class (X164) 2006-2012
GL-Class (X166) 2012-2015
GLE (W166/C292) 2015-now
GLK-Class (X204) 2008-2015
GLS (X166) 2015-now
ML-Class (W163) 1997-2005
ML-Class (W164) 2005-2011
ML-Class (W166) 2011-2015
R-Class (251) 2005-2013
S-Class (217) 2014-now
S-Class (W220) 1998-2006
S-Class (W221) 2005-2013
S-Class (W221) 2005-2013 (Hybrid)
S-Class (W222) 2013-2017
S-Class (W222) 2017-now
SLC-Class (R172) 2006-now
SL-Class (R230) 2001-2012
SL-Class (R231) 2012-now
SLK-Class (R170) 1996-2004
SLK-Class (R171) 2004-2011
SLK-Class (R172) 2011-2016
Sprinter (2nd gen) 2006-now
V-Class (447) 2014-now
V-Class (639) 2003-2014
X-Class (470) 2017-now
Clubman (F54) 2015-now
Cooper (F56) 2014-now
Hatch (R56) 2007-2012
Paceman (-) 2013-2016
370Z (-) 2013-now
GT-R (R34/R35) 2007-now
Juke (-) 2010-now
Navara/Frontier (D231) 2015-now
Navara/Frontier (D40) 2005-2010
Navara/Frontier (D40) 2010-2015
Qashqai (J11) 2013-now
Skyline (-) 2013-now
Astra (K) 2015-now
Cascada (-) 2013-now
GT (Roadster) 2007-2009
Insignia (-) 2008-2013
Insignia (-) 2013-2017
911 (991) 2013-now
Boxster (718/982) 2016-now
Boxster/Cayman (987/987c/718) 2005-now
Cayenne (955/9PA) 2002-2010
Cayenne (958/92A) 2010-now
Cayman (981) 2013-2016
Macan (-) 2014-now
Macan (-) 2014-now (with TUEV)
Macan (S) 2014-now
Panamera (1st gen) 2009-2016 (Diesel)
Panamera (1st gen) 2009-2016 (Petrol+Exhaust)
Panamera (1st gen) 2009-2016 (Petrol+Sport)
Panamera (1st gen) 2013-2016 (E-Hybrid)
Panamera (2nd gen) 2016-now (Diesel + Chrono)
Panamera (2nd gen) 2016-now (Diesel)
Panamera (2nd gen) 2016-now (Diesel) ohne385
Espace (V) 2015-now
Laguna (III) 2007-2015
Talisman (-) 2015-now
Traffic (III) 2014-now
Alhambra (2nd gen) 2010-now
Ibiza (6J) 2008-2017
Leon (3rd gen) 2013-now
Leon (Cupra) 2014-now
Mii (-) 2011-now
Kodiaq (-) 2017-now
Octavia (1Z) 2004-2013
Octavia (5E) 2013-now
Octavia (5E) RS 2013-now
Superb (3T) 2008-2015
Superb (3V) 2015-now
Yeti (5L) 2009-2015
Hilux (7th gen) 2005-2015
Hilux (8th gen) 2015-now
Land Cruiser (J15) Facelift 2013-now
RAV4 (3rd gen) 2006-2013
RAV4 (4th gen) 2013-now
Tacoma (2nd gen.) 2004-2015
C30 (Typ M) 2009-2012
C70 (2th gen) 2006-2013
S60 (2th gen) 2010-now
S80 (2nd gen) 2013-2016
V40 (-) 2012-now
V70/XC70 (1st gen) 2000-2007
V70/XC70 (3th gen) 2011-2013
V90 (-) 2016-now
XC60 (-) 2008-2012
XC60 (-) 2013-2016
XC60 (-) 2017-now
XC90 (-) 2015-now
XC90 (Hybrid) 2015-now
Amarok (-) 2010-now
Arteon (-) 2017-now
Beetle (-) 2011-now
Beetle (9C-1Y-1C) 1999-2010
Caddy (2K) 2004-now
Crafter (-) 2012-2016 Facelift
Eos (-) 2006-2010
Golf (5) 2003-2008
Golf (6) 2008-2012
Golf (7) 2012-now
Jetta (gen. VI) 2010-now
Passat (B7) 2010-2014
Passat (B8) 2015-now
Passat V (B6) 2005-2010
Phaeton (-) 2001-2010
Polo (V 6R) 2009-2014
Scirocco (III) 2008-now
T5 (-) 2003-2015
T6 (-) 2015-now
Tiguan (5N) 2007-2011
Tiguan (5N) 2011-2016
Tiguan II (AD1) 2016-now
Touareg (7L) 2002-2010
Touareg (7P) 2010-now
Up (Typ AA) 2011-2016
H3 (-) 2005-2010
G37 (CV36) 2006-now
Q50 (-) 2013-now
QX70 (-) 2013-now
L200 (-) 2015-now
Lancer (8th gen CY0) 2010-now
Pajero V80 2007-now
CTS (3rd gen) 2013-now
Chairman (H) 1997-2008
Korando (2nd gen) 1996-2006
Rexton W (2 Facelift) 2012-2017
ForTwo (2nd gen W451) 2007-2014
ForTwo (3nd gen) 2015-now
Roadster (452) 2003-2005
GMC Sierra (3th Gen.) 2014-now
Buick Enclave (-) 2007-2012
Dyna Low Rider (FXDLS) 2016-now
Electra Glide (FHL) 2005
308 (II) 2013-now
407 (SW) 2004-2011
508 (SW) 2010-2014
RCZ (-) 2010-2015
F16 Turbo 2016-now
R450 (-) 2005-2015

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