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10.00 Kg


Eibach ANTI-ROLL-KIT. Performance Stabilizer Bars. The suspension system anti-roll bar helps control the lateral and centrifugal forces. This reduces body roll while cornering or making fast directional changes. The system uses the outside cornering spring rate along with the rate of the anti-roll bar. During cornering and performance driving, the CoG moves back to the ideal center of the vehicle as the Anti-Roll-Bar transfer corner forces from the outer to the inner wheel. This also reduces the load difference between the outer and inner cornering wheels. The result: The ideal driving experience – „like driving on rails“. During simultaneous suspension deflection, the anti-roll bars remain neutral and the original suspension spring characteristics remain unchanged. Anti-roll bars can also influence the handling characteristics like oversteer or understeer

Supported models

Brand Model Version Diameter rear bar and regulation
i30 (PDE) 1.17> 2.0 N 1.17>

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PRO-TRONIC - Electronic Suspension Module. With Pro-Tronic, the standard damper regulation is de-activated and prevents an error message. The functions of the controller and/or regulating systems are preserved and remain operational. Pro-Tronic can also be used with suspension systems from other...

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42 %
Sample photos



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Eibach Pro-Kit is the leading Performance Suspension Spring System.Engineered and tested to work perfectly with stock dampers. First step towards a complete sport suspension system. Lower center of gravity – lowers vehicle up to 40 mm. Lowering = Traction +

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Front axle load Rear axle load
1.090 980

* The lowering is an approximate value. If the car has already a Sport Suspension kit the lowering level could be different © 2014 – All rights reserved
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