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Eibach Pro-Kit is the leading Performance Suspension Spring System.Engineered and tested to work perfectly with stock dampers. First step towards a complete sport suspension system. Lower center of gravity – lowers vehicle up to 40 mm. Lowering = Traction +

Supported models

Brand Model Version Front axle load Rear axle load Note
3 (BP) incl. 3 Volumi 11.18> 2.0 Skyactive-G M Hybrid - 1.8 Skyactive D 11.18> 1,095 960
3 (BP) incl. 3 Volumi 11.18> 2.0 Skyactiv-G 11.18> da 1043 a 1095 kg 960 118)

118)   Achsenlast kontrollieren; siehe z.b. Foto VA gekennzeichnet mit "1", HA mit "2"; für Info kontaktieren Sie uns bitte

* The lowering is an approximate value. If the car has already a Sport Suspension kit the lowering level could be different © 2014 – All rights reserved
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